• be more present & self-aware
  • simplify & streamline (& self-care)
  • live healthier
    • lose ten pounds (and keep it off) healthfully
    • take active steps to manage stress
    • do my first push-up
  • start creating on a regular basis
    • learn the ins and outs of new camera
    • publish at least one essay and one article a month
    • assemble a portfolio of photos
  • read more & keep learning
  • speak up & be bold


  • wake by 9 AM
    • make bed
    • take a walk in the morning (1 hr)
    • oatmeal (1 hr w/ no distractions)
  • set aside time to practice waking up every week
  • shower every day (hair every wednesday, saturday)
    • use oil & straightener
  • wash face every night & morning
  • read for at least an hour every day
  • keep a food journal
  • drink eight glasses of water every day
  • start learning new camera
    • start a new dA?
  • apply to internships
  • try planning day and log success
  • blog weekly updates
  • take pictures to record memories (at least one a day)

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